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Jenna Presley – Something about this video makes me wanna go science on Jenna Presley’s ass on find out how many g-forces those round big tits of hers are being subject to. You know, when she’s being fucked so hard she bounces off of him.

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Lost in the back room of the vintage shop where he works, Danny finds a forgotten mannequin with a magical secret. When the boss is out, the model comes to life as a real girl. He dresses Emma up in lingerie, pausing a moment to admire her shapely curves and big natural tits. It’s been so long since anyone could see Emma in the flesh, it’s made her desperate to take a big dick like Danny’s.
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Jayden Jaymes – Denis is looking for his wedding ring that he left at Jayden’s place the other night. What she isn’t telling him is that she has it and isn’t gonna give it back to him until he warms up to her. He reminds Jayden that she and his sexy wife are friends and he can’t be fucking around behind her back. But Jayden has what he wants so he’s gonna have to do more than just scratch her back to get his ring back.

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